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Visual consistency is key to building consumer trust and streamlining the shopping experience. Presenting your products with consistent backgrounds, familiar contexts, and uniform angles helps customers easily compare and understand what you offer.
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Photoroom helped us create high-quality images at scale. As a result, we reduced time to market and cost per image while maintaining branding for each individual merchant. The Photoroom imaging workflow using AI backgrounds and automation is a great benefit to any business.

Jeff StraussDirector of Imaging at Wolt, a DoorDash company
Reduction in photo editing costs

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for purchase decisions

Deliver consistent experience to your users

Image Consistency for your catalog

Streamlines your product visuals with uniform backgrounds, consistent sizes, and perfect angles—automatically.

  • Avoid scrolling fatigue in marketplace: Photoroom harmonizes images ensuring a cohesive shopping experience

  • E-commerce identity builder: e-commerce websites strive when they can build a unique brand identity that sets them apart. Consistent product imagery reinforces this identity.

  • Enable automotive platforms: Photoroom enables car dealerships to present every vehicle images in a branded, uniform manner, enhancing the visual consistency.

Optimize sellers' images for your marketplace

In online marketplaces, trust is paramount—and it starts with the visuals. Consistent, images foster customer confidence, compelling them to buy from multiple vendors.

  • Automatic Background Removal: Remove backgrounds from seller images automatically for a consistent look.

  • Standardize Images Instantly: Process images in real-time for consistent backgrounds, familiar contexts, and uniform angles.

  • Enhance Image Quality: Adding creative backgrounds, shadows, and unblurring to create stunning product photography.

Empower your teams to produce 'On-Brand' images efficiently

In today’s fast-paced market, teams across sales, marketing, and retail distribution consistently need fresh product images.

  • Edit and repurpose images: With a single click, you can instantly edit images to follow brand's guidelines.

  • Localize product image at scale: Brands are creating multiple versions of a single image, to adapt to different market requirements, still maintaining brand consistency.

Power your local merchant network

In the competitive realm of Delivery platforms, first impressions are crucial—and they're made visually. Commerce platforms frequently receive a mix of inconsistent and substandard images from their local retailers, and restaurants.

  • Present a uniform category offering: Photoroom streamlines the visual shopping experiences. This allows users to easily scroll through and compare products.

  • Elevate Ordinary merchants' Image into Stunning Product Photography: Transform average shots by adding creative backgrounds, realistic shadows, and sharpening details, ensuring every image showcases your products in their best light.

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