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Remove the background of your photo and add any color.
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Is it easy change the background color?

Yes, it only takes a few seconds.
Step 1

Choose an image 📷

To begin, click on "Start from a photo" to select the image you would like to apply a new background to.

Your image can be in PNG or JPG format, and we can accommodate images of all dimensions.

Step 2

Open your image in the Editor 😎

Witness the automatic background removal and add any color as the background color. Explore additional editing possibilities by clicking on "Edit in Photoroom".

Unleash your creativity by selecting alternative background colors or opting for a transparent or blurry background.

Step 3

Download ⤵️

Download your edited image with your new background as a PNG or JPEG file.

Consider creating a Photoroom account to store your creations and gain access to an array of exciting photo editing options.

Let colors speak louder than words

Colors evoke emotions and associations. By changing the color of your product pictures, you can evoke specific emotions that resonate with your target audience. For example, warm colors like red and orange can create a sense of energy and excitement, while cool colors like blue and green can convey calmness and reliability.

Use the power of colors

Adapting the color of your pictures can make them more visually attractive and engaging. It allows you to experiment with different color schemes that resonate with your audience, helping your pictures stand out and catch the viewer's attention. Add realistic shadows to your product pictures to give your image a studio feeling.

Adjust images with our free tools

Adding text to your images provides more context, allowing you to align your images with current design trends or seasonal themes. Instantly resize images for Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat with our image resizer so you can quickly resize photos to fit.

People love Photoroom

    Affordable and efficient

    Photoroom has turned my one-bedroom apartment into a professional photo studio. Rather than spending hours or thousands of dollars editing photos, Photoroom allows me to create pro photos in seconds, so not only does it make my photos look great, but it’s affordable & efficient.

    Sebastian Pilch
    Sebastian Pilch

    Reseller on eBay

    Suitable photos for my website

    I love being able to remove backgrounds from my pictures. I sell online, and when I take pictures, it's not always in a clean, uncluttered environment. I like how Photoroom gets rid of all of that and allows me to change the background to something more pleasing to the eye and suitable to place on my website.

    Sue Darte
    Sue Darte

    Small business owner

    A total game changer!

    I have been using Photoroom for almost 2 years now, mainly for Instagram. Photoroom is so user-friendly and makes my work complete. The Photoroom group on Facebook is super, with lots of tips and tricks and good communication with Photoroom if there is a problem.

    Jacob P.
    Jacob P.

    Content Creator

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