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Remove the background of your photo and change the background to pink
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How to change a photo background to pink?

Step 1

Select an image 📷

First, choose the image you want to add a pink background to by clicking on “Start from a photo”.

Your image format can be PNG or JPG. We support all image dimensions.

Step 2

Let the magic work ✨

Our tool automatically removes the background from your photo and turns it pink.

Discover more editing options by clicking on “Edit in PhotoRoom”, such as choosing another background color or choosing a transparent background.

Step 3

Download your image 😎

Download your image with a pink background as a PNG file.

You can also create a PhotoRoom account to store your work and enjoy more photo editing options.

Make your image feel playful and nurturing

Pink backgrounds invoke feelings of youthfulness, nurturing, and beauty. It's the perfect color to use if you want to add a soft, nurturing touch to your product or people photographs.

Strike the right tone for your product images

Quickly and easily add pink backgrounds to your images with Instant Backgrounds. Pink is the perfect color for products ranging from children's toys and clothing to beauty accessories. Use AI to generate unique backgrounds perfectly matching your product.

Discover more free editing features

Photoroom does more than pink backgrounds. Edit photos quickly and accurately without all the effort. Click "Edit in Photoroom" for more editing options, like adding a studio light effect, changing the background color or texture, adding text, or adding a shadow.

Go further with PhotoRoom

Want to unlock even more features to make your photos shine? With PhotoRoom Pro, you'll get access to useful features like Batch Editor, HD quality, Smart Resize, and more.
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