Generate Background API

Create hundreds of new images from your existing images in seconds with Generative AI
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Upgrade your catalog branding

Create professional grade images, saving staff time and photographer costs. Our AI-powered image editing platform upgrades your visual assets by dynamically changing image backgrounds in seconds.

Seamlessly create pristine mockups

Develop multiple realistic images from a single photo. Try out different mockups for your next product launch or various seasonal promotions. Test multiple image ideas that can be shared with marketing and creative teams – all in seconds.

Boost conversion rates

Save on photography costs and accelerate your time to market for product and marketing campaign launches. Optimal backgrounds can increase conversion rates by as much as 30%.

Integrate our API, hassle-free

The Generate Background API is easy to implement on websites and native apps using your language of choice.
curl -X GET "" \ -H "accept: image/jpg" \ -H "x-api-key: " curl -X POST "" \ -H "accept: image/jpg" \ -H "Content-Type: application/json" \ -H "x-api-key: " \ -d "{\"imageUrl\":\"\",\"prompt\":\"\",\"negativePrompt\":\"\"}"

The Cool Republic uses the PhotoRoom API to transform its raw factory images

Ready to get started?

Explore the PhotoRoom API documentation, or create an account instantly and enable your API key to send an API request.

You can read our tutorial for more details on how to integrate the API.

Integrate the API


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