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Photoroom’s AI-powered AI Backgrounds gives you instant, professional looking photographs, without the hassle of a fancy camera or a big budget. Choose from an infinite range of textures, tones and colour palettes, as well as AI generated models.

Custom templates for every collection

Photoroom has thousands of templates, and hundreds of AI generated collections to match every product, style, and theme.

Find the perfect fit

With Photoroom you can instantly adapt product photography to the requirements of your sales channels, including Instagram, Etsy, Shopify, and Facebook.

Effortlessly flawless

Easily add a white background to any image, whilst retaining the quality and accuracy of your image. Then create depth and dimension with Photoroom’s AI Shadows. Choose from a range of background colours and lighting effects that match your brand style and palette.

Sell faster with Photoroom

Get all the features you need to make sales and win new customers.
Keep all eyes on your product by blurring the background.
Create studio-quality backgrounds in seconds.
Add depth and dimension to your backgrounds.
Resize your images to fit every channel.
Remove backgrounds from even the most complex of images.

What our customers say

I have struggled with product photography since the inception of my jewelry business. But no longer! Photoroom offers so many easy editing options. It even makes the photography part of my biz fun!

Alison BlairAlison Blair Studio

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