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How Wolt uses Photoroom's API to streamline and scale image editing workflows

Michelle Belcic
Michelle BelcicJune 15, 2024
How Wolt uses Photoroom's API to streamline and scale image editing workflows

The challenge: Wolt's business, spanning 27 countries, relies on high-quality images that prompt consumers to place orders, directly influencing revenue generation for over 140,000 merchants. The manual process of photo editing was too labor-intensive and this made finding a scalable, AI-powered photo editing solution essential to accommodate Wolt's expanding global operations and maintain image consistency and quality.

Our solution: Integrating Photoroom's image editing API was a strategic move for Wolt, enabling the brand to create a photo editing workflow for their extensive image inventory, utilizing various AI features to provide a more scalable, accurate, lean and fast process.

Results: Wolt streamlined their imaging operations, improving timeliness and quality, which allowed for a smoother customer experience and significant resource savings.

Achieving consistency and efficiency in global imaging operations

As a rising Finnish company with 10,000 team members active across 27 countries, Wolt is dedicated to delivering a wide range of goods from over merchants to customers' hands in minutes. It's no secret that shoppers prefer to see what they're ordering, so speeding up the decision-making process from app to doorstep is made easier with consistent, high-quality visuals that show the goods in their best light.

With this in mind, the brand faced a number of hurdles in their photo editing processes, and the need for a robust solution to deliver fast and accurate editing was non-negotiable. Wolt's growth also brought the challenge of maintaining an efficient and consistent product operation since the manual background removal process was time-consuming and lacked precision and scalability for its vast inventory.

"One of the best things about Photoroom is its simplicity. It's intuitive and user-friendly, unlike some editing tools that can be overwhelming. This ease of use minimizes the need for extensive training, making it a great fit for our global team with different technical backgrounds." - Jeff Strauss, Director of Imaging Operations, Wolt

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Leveraging Photoroom's API for scalable image processing

Sometimes, the best solutions come from unexpected places. While scrolling through social media, Jeff stumbled upon Photoroom. What initially caught his eye was the effortless background removal and the promise of adding realistic shadows and single colored backgrounds.

Photoroom turned out to be a powerful addition for the brand. Wolt expanded from leveraging the efficient background removal to a suite of features adaptable to various operational needs, including:

Web-based editing: Localized teams can access Photoroom on the web for edits, ensuring a consistent brand experience across all regions. This web interface also offers another advantage: data tracking. Wolt can analyze data across different countries to gain insights into usage, allowing them to ask pertinent questions and optimize the process where needed.

API integration: When dealing with a large volume of images, Wolt can leverage the Photoroom API for effortless large processing, ensuring consistency and saving time. This gives the brand a big market advantage.

"Stumbling upon Photoroom 2 years ago was a turning point for us. The ease of use and effectiveness of the solutions allowed us to reinvent our imaging process, enhancing the quality of our outputs across all markets." - Jeff Strauss, Director of Imaging Operations, Wolt

Significant efficiency gains and superior image quality

Since integrating Photoroom's API, Wolt has seen a dramatic improvement in their image editing workflow. Batch processing allows them to easily handle tens of thousands of images, ensuring uniformity across all markets. This translates to significant savings in time and resources, allowing them to focus on what they do best – delivering goods at speed, backed by clean, consistent visuals.

What's more, the simplicity and versatility of Photoroom empowers Wolt's global teams, proving its scalability and effectiveness on a global scale. Now with more than 36 million registered users and 230,000 courier partners, Wolt continues to boost customer satisfaction and expand its market reach one delivery at a time.

"Photoroom's API has been key in our journey towards operational excellence in image editing. It has not only enhanced our processes but has also improved the quality of our product visuals, adding to our growth and success." - Jeff Strauss, Director of Imaging Operations, Wolt

Ready to integrate Photoroom? Learn more about our API here. If you plan to process more than 500,000 images per year, contact us to meet with our experts.

Michelle Belcic
Michelle BelcicHead of B2B Sales & Partnerships

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