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How List Perfectly boosts sales and cuts costs for resellers using Photoroom's API

Michelle Belcic
Michelle BelcicJune 12, 2024
How List Perfectly boosts sales and cuts costs for resellers using Photoroom's API

The challenge: To keep up with high demand and better serve its massive community of marketplace sellers, List Perfectly needed to find a robust, long-term solution; one that would ensure quick, high-quality, and conversion-driving product image development and branding.

Our solution: Photoroom’s advanced technology API enabled List Perfectly sellers to create professional-grade product images that drive sales and do it at scale.

Results: List Perfectly sellers enjoy significantly higher sales and reduced overhead costs.

Enhancing image quality and branding for resellers without sacrificing efficiency

List Perfectly is a popular ecommerce solution and all-in-one inventory management system offering over 10,000 online sellers the ability to create product listings; crosspost them on multiple major marketplaces and channels; manage inventory and images; access key analytics; and easily perform other operational and business-critical functions for selling on marketplaces like eBay, Poshmark, Etsy, Mercari, Depop, Grailed, social media, and Shopify enabled websites.

Since it was founded in 2016 by its original name List Clothing, List Perfectly has rapidly scaled and grown as the reselling community continues to benefit from the powerful and very intentional technology. Today, it has reached over 250 million cross-postings! This means listing the same merchandise across multiple selling platforms; a process that is key to successful reselling since it significantly increases the visibility of your product, ensuring that buyers can find it regardless of the specific platform or marketplace they like to shop on.

List Perfectly founders—Amanda Morse and Clara Albornoz—who have both been reselling online since the early 2000s, have a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges associated with driving sales across different marketplaces. They also know that quality product images are pivotal to authentically displaying sale items and increasing sales.

After launching their unique software company, Amanda and Clara quickly realized online sellers were struggling heavily to develop high-quality images that could provide both an authentic and appealing view or representation of their sale items. They also realized that unlike traditional sellers, resellers on List Perfectly were not undertaking any branding efforts to grow their online businesses.

Further, many of the images resellers were using to sell their items across online marketplaces did not adhere to the different specifications required by digital advertising and social media platforms as well as those of the marketplaces themselves. And to put the cherry on top of it all, procuring studio kits, including cameras, lighting, and mannequins, was proving increasingly cost-prohibitive to resellers working with thin margins.

All of this led to Amanda and Clara spending more time responding to customer questions about their items and incurring additional overhead costs from high-volume product returns. That’s when they knew they had to find a solution to better support sellers in their community with image development and overall branding, but it would have to be one that could be integrated into their existing platform.

A winning combo: Accuracy, speed and seamless integration with the Photoroom API

Before deciding on Photoroom to help elevate their reseller community, List Perfectly thoroughly researched and assessed a variety of photo editing services and tools. Amanda and Clara were quickly impressed with the accuracy and speed delivered by Photoroom and decided it was time to make the much-needed investment. But the Photoroom API was still under construction, so they waited patiently for what they felt was the solution for them, and 2 months later, as soon as it became available, List Perfectly integrated the Photoroom API into their growing platform and haven’t looked back since.

The Photoroom API provided List Perfectly and its thousands of resellers both a programmatic process and scalable tool to easily and consistently create product listing images that adhere to various marketplace and social media platform requirements.

“It’s the easiest and smoothest API integration I’ve ever built.” - Amanda Morse, Co-founder and CEO, List Perfectly

Start your free API trial, no credit card required

Greater sales and efficiency transforms List Perfectly seller success

Integrating the Photoroom API has enabled List Perfectly sellers to create professional, high-quality product images that sell and do it all at scale. The integration has also made it far easier for sellers to meet different specification requirements across multiple marketplaces with little to no manual effort. Best of all, thanks to the Photoroom API integration, List Perfectly sellers have seen significantly higher sales in addition to reduced overhead costs resulting from lower return rates.

“We wanted a long term partnership that would grow with our business. Photoroom showed they were keen to be integral partners.”- Clara Albornoz, Co-founder, List Perfectly

Ready to integrate Photoroom? Learn more about our API here. If you plan to process more than 500,000 images per year, contact us to meet with our experts.

Michelle Belcic
Michelle BelcicHead of B2B Sales & Partnerships

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