AI Image Generator

Transform words into visuals with our AI-powered text-to-image tool AI Images, accessible in just a few clicks. Coming soon to the web!

How to make AI-generated images?

Step 1

Open the Photoroom App

Go to the App Store and download Photoroom to your phone. This feature currently is only available on iOS and is coming soon to Android and the web.

Step 2

Create your image

Click on the button labeled “AI Images” Input descriptive words that best capture the image you envision, then marvel at the results.

Step 3

Adjust and finetune

You can always refine the prompt and discover how your image adapts. Once you are happy with your image, you can continue editing your image or export it.

Meet Photoroom's AI Image Generator

Are you struggling to find the perfect image online? With Photoroom's AI Images, turning text into visuals is easy and fast for everyone. Simply describe the image that you would like to create, click 'Create', and iterate to ensure you find precisely what you're looking for.

Create anything in our creative playground

Use generative AI to create beautiful images with endless possibilities and bring your imagination to life. No need to use stock photos anymore for your commercial projects. AI Images is an innovative tool for businesses, that is based on human input, includes unlimited prompts and puts creative control in your hands.

Text2image prompts

Use your own descriptive prompts for an image generation or background creation and make sure they're clear and relevant. Clear prompts help the AI understand what you want, while relevant prompts ensure the generated images fit the style and context you're aiming for.

Discover AI tools to enhance your images

Explore all AI tools to help you save time and create amazing visuals: even without design skills. Use the Background Remover tool to remove the backdrop of your image and add an AI-generated image. Use our Magic Eraser tool to clean images of unwanted objects and add text to your visual.

Explore more AI tools

AI Background Remover
Remove the background of your image automatically
AI Backgrounds
Generate realistic AI backgrounds in less than a second.
AI Expand
Repurpose your photo material or recover objects outside the frame layout.
Magic Retouch
Remove unwanted people or objects in your image with one swipe.
Blur Background
Blur the background of your image automatically.

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