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We create beautiful digital wardrobes for our clients and PhotoRoom has the best background removal API that delivers a clean image almost 100% of the time.  We’ve tried many other background removal tools and nothing comes close to the PhotoRoom quality.

Yidi CampbellCEO of Indyx, a digital wardrobe and marketplace
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What is the Remove Background API?

The Remove Background API enables image background removal in seconds. Integrate the #1 background removal functionality into websites and applications, automating the process of image background object isolation, saving time, effort and streamlining editing costs and workflows. No matter your industry from marketplaces, retail, luxury, consumer goods to automakers, the Background Remover API will optimise your photo editing workflows.

Easy to integrate

Implement our fast Remove Background API in your website or native app using your favorite language.
curl -H 'x-api-key: YOUR_API_KEY' \ -F 'image_file=@/absolute/path/to/image.jpg' \ -f '' -o no-bg.png
Thomas Gounot
Co-founder of Campsider marketplace

Optimise your digital ads performance

Programmatically edit your images to fit the specifications of the major digital advertising specifications and improve your ad performance.

The best background remover

Get stunning images every time, and effortlessly transform your visuals by removing and replacing backgrounds with 2x better accuracy than other background removers, while also enjoying a user-friendly interface.

Decrease your time to market

Upload and edit images in no time. No photo editing outsourcing required - allowing you to accelerate your product launches, marketing campaigns, and the creation of point of sale materials.

Sell more through a better experience

According to a study from HubSpot, 60% of shoppers said they needed to see an average of 3 or 4 images when shopping online. With the PhotoRoom background API, automatically edit numerous images to give them a consistent feel, creating an optimal buying experience for your customers.

Fast and reliable

Quickly and accurately edit photos – no manual effort required. Our API is built to handle the most demanding workloads with a median latency below 350 milliseconds worldwide. Count on our API to deliver stellar images, so you can focus on meeting your business goals.

How to integrate the Background Remover API in your app in minutes

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API Pricing

Get a monthly credit package

1 credit = 1 processed full image
0.25 credit = 1 processed preview image (<0.25 mega pixel)
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40 preview images/month
  • No credit card required (Requires signing in with Google)
  • Ideal for prototyping
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  • 100 ($15)$0.15
  • 200 ($30)$0.15
  • 500 ($70)$0.14
  • 1,000 ($130)$0.13
  • 2,000 ($260)$0.13
  • Downgrade, upgrade or cancel any time
  • Unused credits roll over as long as you're subscribed (up to 6x your monthly budget)
Partners plan
From 100k images/month
  • For consumer-facing apps
  • Requires attribution

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