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We create beautiful digital wardrobes for our clients and Photoroom has the best background removal API that delivers a clean image almost 100% of the time.  We’ve tried many other background removal tools and nothing comes close to the Photoroom quality.

Yidi CampbellCEO of Indyx, a digital wardrobe and marketplace
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Power engaging brand activations

Seamlessly incorporate user generated content into high quality personalised content for your brand campaigns using the #1 background remover. Discover how Barbie, the movie used our Background Remover to create a viral social media campaign.

The best background remover

Transform your visuals by removing and replacing backgrounds with 2x better accuracy than other background removers. With our API guarantee, we'll refund you if we don't accurately remove your backgrounds or if you find a better background remover API than ours.

Optimise your product listing processes

Upload and edit e-commerce and marketplace images that meet various specifications in seconds. Reduce the costs associated with manual editing by up to 90%, enabling you to improve your bottom line.

Improve your digital ads return on investment

According to a study from HubSpot, 60% of shoppers said they needed to see an average of 3 or 4 images when shopping online. We concluded a Facebook ads test, where we generated images for the winning ad variant, which had a 29% higher click-through-rate (CTR) and a 12% lower cost-per-click.

Comparing background removers: Photoroom vs Removebg

We tested our background and Removebg's to see which would deliver the most accurate results.
The original image
We used a sample image of a necklace because of the complexity involved in removing and replacing backgrounds on an object with gaps.
Photoroom result
We accurately removed and replaced the original background with a Photoroom generated white background.
Removebg result
The Removebg generated background does not maintain the sharp contrast between the object and the background from the original. It misses accurately maintaining of the intricacy and structure of the necklace loops.

Easy to integrate

Implement our fast Remove Background API in your website or native app using your favorite language.
curl -H 'x-api-key: YOUR_API_KEY' \ -F 'image_file=@/absolute/path/to/image.jpg' \ -f '' -o no-bg.png

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