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We create beautiful digital wardrobes for our clients and Photoroom has the best background removal API that delivers a clean image almost 100% of the time.  We’ve tried many other background removal tools and nothing comes close to the Photoroom quality.

Yidi CampbellCEO of Indyx, a digital wardrobe and marketplace
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Propel captivating brand activations

Instantly incorporate user generated content into high quality personalised content for your brand campaigns using the #1 background remover. Discover how Hennessy, Netflix, and Barbie, the movie used the Remove Background API to create viral social media campaigns that generated millions of shares.

The best background remover

Transform your product catalogs and ad assets by removing and replacing backgrounds with 2x better accuracy than other background removers. Enjoy the most affordable price in the market at $0.02 per image and our 100% money back guarantee, if we don't accurately remove your backgrounds or if you find a better background remover API.

Build delightful user experiences

Whether you're a gaming or content creation or own a user facing app or website, our AI powered background remover can be integrated in minutes, processes images in seconds, and can handle over 3 million per day, so you can rest easy providing unique and ideal user experiences.

Harmonize your product catalog

Automatically create and extend your brand guidelines by adding depth and dimension to your product images using our AI Shadows. Design appropriate and tailored AI generated backgrounds and automatically relight your images in seconds to drive customer engagement and sales.

Comparing background removers: Photoroom vs Removebg

We tested our background and Removebg's to see which would deliver the most accurate results.
The original image
We processed a bicycle image to compare Photoroom and Removebg's background removal accuracy.
Photoroom result
Photoroom delivered the most accurate segmentation and background removal compared to Removebg.
Removebg result
Removebg missed on segmenting the finer details such as the spokes, which is more complex.

Easy to integrate

Implement our fast Remove Background API in your website or native app using your favorite language.
curl -H 'x-api-key: YOUR_API_KEY' \ -F 'image_file=@/absolute/path/to/image.jpg' \ -f '' -o no-bg.png

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