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Photoroom, the groundbreaking technology powering, shattered all expectations by seamlessly integrating user photos into captivating Barbie movie posters. PhotoRoom's unparalleled ease of use became the catalyst for a viral sensation, propelling the Barbie Selfie Generator into the digital spotlight and captivating audiences worldwide.

Cameron CurtisExecutive Vice President at Warner Bros.
Reduction in photo editing costs

Selency (online marketplace)

On-brand professional images, every time

Scale your advanced photo editing and background removal with Photoroom's API

Our APIs

Remove Background API
Use the fastest and most accurate Remove Background API on the market.
Edit Image API
Deliver visual and brand consistency by combining background removal with resizing, centering and much more.
Generate Background API
Generate hundreds of on-brand visuals that distinguish your products.

Warner Bros used the Photoroom API to create the viral Barbie campaign

Set up in as little as an hour

Our API is so easy integrate - with our clear API documentation and instructions, you can upgrade your background remover and overall photo editing workflow in minutes.

Better visuals, increased sales

85% of shoppers prioritise product images and information during their purchase decision. Photoroom’s Image Editing API can deliver consistent product centring and padding, AI generated backgrounds and realistic shadows and no max resolution limits - no photographer costs or manual effort required.

Generate images with peace of mind

We've developed our AI with a focus on ethical practices, sourcing images responsibly from leading providers and avoiding the use of privately owned or sensitive imagery. We're committed to delivering copyright-safe images.

Fast and reliable

With over 3 million images processed per day, our API is built to handle the most demanding workloads across the world. You can count on it to deliver results quickly and reliably so you can focus on what matters.

100% money-back guarantee

You only pay for images that satisfy your quality standards or you get your money back. Our guarantee also covers cases when you find a photo editing API that's better than ours.

Case studies

Explore the Photoroom API case studies to learn how our API has transformed the marketing campaigns for industry giants like Warner Bros and Netflix and optimised image workflows for online marketplaces. Discover the scale, automation, and business impact our platform delivers. Learn how we're becoming the go-to image workflow solution.


Get a monthly credit package

1 credit = 1 processed full image
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Free plan
40 preview images/month
  • No credit card required (Requires signing in with Google)
  • Ideal for prototyping
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Monthly subscription
From $0.045
Credits per monthPrice per image
  • 60 ($9)$0.15
  • 100 ($15)$0.15
  • 200 ($30)$0.15
  • 500 ($70)$0.14
  • 1,000 ($130)$0.13
  • 2,000 ($260)$0.13
  • Downgrade, upgrade or cancel any time
  • Unused credits roll over as long as you're subscribed (up to 6x your monthly budget)
Partner plan
From 100k images/month
  • For consumer-facing apps
  • Requires attribution

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Our integrations

Zapier integration
Integrate PhotoRoom with 1000+ tools, using no-code solutions
Figma plugin
Remove your image backgrounds directly in Figma
Shopify app
Integrate the power of PhotoRoom on your Shopify website

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