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How Warner Bros. amplified the “Barbie the Movie” social media campaign, reaching 13M social shares

Michelle Belcic
Michelle BelcicMay 13, 2024
How Warner Bros. amplified the “Barbie the Movie” social media campaign, reaching 13M social shares

The challenge: Warner Bros. needed a high-quality solution to remove backgrounds from user-generated images and power (the now viral) Barbie the Movie social media campaign for millions of fans.

Our solution: Photoroom's AI-powered photo editing API provided an instant and high-quality solution for removing backgrounds, delivering a sharable output in a matter of seconds.

Results: The campaign achieved a viral, global moment, engaging fans, brands, influencers, and celebrities. The solution significantly increased social media engagement and drove ticket sales.

Finding a fast, high-quality solution to provide instant user-generated content to millions of fans

As it prepared to launch the now record-breaking "Barbie the Movie" into theaters everywhere, Warner Bros. (WB) sought to create a viral moment on social media while simultaneously amplifying the launch of the film's trailer with digital user-generated content (UGC) that could be easily shared. 

To make it happen, Warner Bros. needed a high-quality solution that would instantly remove the background from user-generated images to turn them into captivating and consistently branded "Barbie the Movie" posters that fans would be excited to share on their social media. The solution needed to work at scale yet still deliver perfect images because no one likes a selfie that does not look amazing, especially next to Barbie!

“I would recommend Photoroom’s solution to other marketers looking to leverage their brand identity to personalize the experience for users.” – Cameron Curtis, EVP, Worldwide Digital Marketing, Warner Bros. 

Photoroom's AI-powered background remover solution enables captivating Barbie Movie posters shared over 13 million times on social media

After considering various solutions, WB decided to leverage Photoroom's AI-powered photo editing API. Photoroom provided WB with a high-quality and instant solution to remove backgrounds from UGC creative, enabling a highly shareable output. 

The speed and efficiency of Photoroom's features played a key role in addressing WB's original challenge. The reliability of the solution and its ability to deliver quality in less than 300ms were also crucial factors in the decision to go with Photoroom. In the end, the instantaneity of the Photoroom API and the engaging creative of the campaign created the buzz WB was looking for. 

From a technical standpoint, integrating the solution was straightforward and efficient, requiring less than one hour for complete setup and implementation. Photoroom's robust API facilitated this swift integration, allowing users to instantly incorporate their photos into iconic Barbie movie posters. 

The seamless workflow not only provided immediate results but also effectively managed the substantial demand, handling millions of calls without a hitch. The high-quality output generated by the Barbie selfie AI was instrumental in fulfilling Warner Bros.' creative needs, ensuring that the final visuals met their exacting standards.

“We took one day to test 10 different services and less than an hour to implement Photoroom API.” –Matt Winkler, VP & Head of Engineering, Warner Bros.

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A viral, global brand moment for WB and Barbie that increased social media engagement and drove ticket sales at the box office

By utilizing Photoroom's lightning-fast API solution for background removal, WB achieved a viral, global moment that captivated fans, brands, influencers, and celebrities. This resulted in significant social media engagement, driving fan discussions and amplifying excitement around the Barbie movie. WB also experienced tangible business benefits from the campaign, including increased ticket sales and brand engagement. 

“Photoroom, the groundbreaking technology powering shattered all expectations by seamlessly integrating user photos into captivating Barbie movie posters.” – Cameron Curtis, EVP, Worldwide Digital Marketing, Warner Bros. 

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