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How Plug improved Meta ad creativity and efficiency, reducing CPA by 250%

Michelle Belcic
Michelle BelcicJune 3, 2024
How Plug improved Meta ad creativity and efficiency, reducing CPA by 250%

The challenge: Plug faced the daunting task of manually editing backgrounds from extensive product feeds for their clients, which slowed down the pace and scalability of ad campaigns in a competitive digital marketing space.

Our solution: Integrating Photoroom's API helped Plug automate the background removal of clients' assets at scale, allowing them to produce professional-level ad creatives more efficiently.

Results: Plug saw a huge improvement, including a 2.1x increase in CTR, a 250% reduction in CPA and a 2x reduction in CPC. This boost in performance and effectiveness has saved thousands of dollars and increased their return on advertising, allowing them to deliver better client results.

Improving creative flexibility at scale without compromising efficiency

With the fast changing world of digital advertising, Plug, an up-and-coming social agency with an ambition to disrupt its industry, faced the challenge of boosting creative output while maintaining operational efficiency. Specializing in creating engaging ads for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Snap, Plug's ambition to push the boundaries of ad creativity was consistently met with the bottleneck of manual background removal of images. This time-consuming process not only limited the agency's creative agility but also introduced delays in campaign launch timelines. 

Working within the competitive overlapping agency and MarTech sectors, the agency and Adaptv360, their creative partner, were under pressure to deliver visually compelling ad campaigns that could cut through the noise and grab consumer attention - no easy feat in today's noisy digital environment! However, manually editing the images, especially for large product catalogs that evolve daily, became an impossible task that compromised the speed and scale at which Plug could operate. They needed to be able to remove backgrounds with high precision without having a graphic designer go through thousands of product images and do it manually.

Adding to this challenge was the growing importance of content in the current era of online advertising. With platforms like Meta and Google relying on machine learning to automate and simplify ad campaign structures, the emphasis has shifted towards quality and creativity as the primary differentiator. So the ability to produce eye-catching and appealing visuals has become a must for brands and their agencies looking to stand out.

"We found ourselves at a crossroads, where the need for high-quality, creative ad content clashed with the realities of manual image editing. The situation called for a solution to help us unlock our creative potential without sacrificing speed or cost efficiency." - Farrukh Feroze, Partner, Plug

Streamlining ad asset production with Photoroom's API

Fortunately, help was just around the corner! A turning point for Plug was discovering Photoroom's background removal API after researching and testing multiple other photo editing vendors. By integrating this API, Plug could automate the editing of thousands of images, removing inventory backgrounds with precision and consistency. This saved at least 5 hours a week on reviewing time alone and finally opened up new creative avenues for Meta ad campaigns - something that would have been impossible without Photoroom’s API.

The onboarding process was also smooth and supported by intuitive documentation and support from Photoroom's team. Using basic scripts and guidance, Plug seamlessly integrated the API into their workflow in less than a day, turning the arduous task of image editing into a scalable, automated process.

Now, Plug removes inventory backgrounds in bulk using the API. The images are then stored within Google Drive, and their links are pushed back into, a MarTech tool that superimposes the cut-out image on top of a template before it goes to the client's product feeds. The creative concept is executed in batches for thousands of the client's product images.

"The integration of Photoroom's API into our workflow was a game-changer. It allowed us to automate and scale our creative production, transforming thousands of images with speed and reliability we hadn't seen before." - Farrukh Feroze, Partner, Plug

Get started with the Photoroom API for free today.

Enhanced creativity and performance at reduced costs

The impact of adopting Photoroom's API was significant to say the least. Plug saw an improvement in ad performance, highlighted by a 2.1x increase in click-through rates (CTR), a 250% decrease in cost per acquisition (CPA test drive), and a 2x reduction in cost per click (CPC).

And as if that wasn’t enough, the API also brought substantial cost savings and operational efficiencies, allowing the team to develop creative concepts that were previously seen as too costly or time-consuming.

"Photoroom's API has not only elevated our creative output but has also driven tangible business results. The results it brings to our operations have been a key factor in achieving our clients' goals, which has translated into significant revenue growth and client satisfaction." - Farrukh Feroze, Partner, Plug

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Michelle Belcic
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