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How can adding text to your photo create an impact?

Enhanced storytelling 📖

Adding text enables you to include captions, quotes, or descriptions to your images, providing extra context and enriching the storytelling aspect.

It aids in conveying emotions, messages, or narratives that may not be fully expressed through the image itself.

Personalization and customization 💌

You can personalize your images with text, making them unique and tailored to your specific preferences.

You can add names, dates, or personalized messages to create meaningful and memorable visuals.

Communication and engagement 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧

Text on images can be used to convey information or engage viewers more effectively.

It can highlight key details, promote an event or a call to action, or spark conversations and interactions among viewers.

Discover fonts in our library

Choose between 20 different styles and adjust the size, color and alignment of the text with a few clicks. Once in the editor, you can also resize your image and add another image to your project such as your logo or any template from our library.

Power up your brand

For businesses and content creators, adding text to images plays a vital role in branding and marketing efforts. It allows for the inclusion of logos, taglines, or promotional messages, helping to build brand recognition, attract attention, and drive engagement.

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People love Photoroom

    Affordable and efficient

    Photoroom has turned my one-bedroom apartment into a professional photo studio. Rather than spending hours or thousands of dollars editing photos, Photoroom allows me to create pro photos in seconds, so not only does it make my photos look great, but it’s affordable & efficient.

    Sebastian Pilch
    Sebastian Pilch

    Reseller on eBay

    Suitable photos for my website

    I love being able to remove backgrounds from my pictures. I sell online, and when I take pictures, it's not always in a clean, uncluttered environment. I like how Photoroom gets rid of all of that and allows me to change the background to something more pleasing to the eye and suitable to place on my website.

    Sue Darte
    Sue Darte

    Small business owner

    A total game changer!

    I have been using Photoroom for almost 2 years now, mainly for Instagram. Photoroom is so user-friendly and makes my work complete. The Photoroom group on Facebook is super, with lots of tips and tricks and good communication with Photoroom if there is a problem.

    Jacob P.
    Jacob P.

    Content Creator

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