AI Image Expander

Repurpose your photo material or recover objects outside the frame layout with AI Expand. Leverage the technology of outpainting to create stunning photos without losing quality. Coming soon to the web!

How can I expand my image?

Step 1

Upload an image

Ensure you're equipped with the Photoroom App on your mobile device, then embark on your journey by opening the app and uploading your image. Currently, the feature is only available on iOS. Coming soon to all platforms!

Step 2

Resize and extend

Now click on the icon 'Resize'. Then choose the size that you want your image to adapt to, for example, 'Instagram Story'. Our AI will automatically fill in the missing part of the image.

Step 3

Continue editing

Enhance your image with endless possibilities! Add layers, text, stickers, or generate AI shadows—all within the app. Make your masterpiece truly yours!

Expand images with one click

Discover a multitude of opportunities through the utilization of AI to enhance images. You can adjust framing issues, preserve zoomed-in visuals, or convert vertical images to horizontal ones with Photorooms’s AI Expand. Complete your image as part of our Resize feature. Whether it's for social media posts or marketing assets, leverage AI Expand to optimize your visual content, ensuring both image quality and image resolution.

Optimal flexibility for your dream projects

Unlock a wide range of image variations with AI Expand, ensuring each one aligns with your design objectives. Whether it's crafting compelling advertisements, enhancing posters and infographics, or creating stunning photos for platforms like Instagram or your website shop.

Save time and automize your photo editing process

As a business owner, you shouldn't have to reshoot photos simply because the angle isn't what you expected. Rest assured, with the AI Expand mode in Photoroom, you can easily uncrop images without compromising the image quality. Our focus is on providing users with a comprehensive 360-degree image editing workflow, covering all aspects of product photography from start to finish.

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