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How GoodBuy Gear saw a 23% increase in conversion rate with Photoroom's API

Michelle Belcic
Michelle BelcicJune 25, 2024
How GoodBuy Gear saw a 23% increase in conversion rate with Photoroom's API

The challenge: As GoodBuy Gear expanded to serve a national market, they faced a problem: inconsistent product images. Captured in in-house photo stations, these images, while creative, didn't showcase the depth and detail needed for second hand products to compete in the online retail space.

Our solution: The GoodBuy Gear team chose the Photoroom API after testing other solutions, and integrated it into their workflow so that their operations team could focus on highly skilled tasks while automation took care of the repetitive ones. This took their inventory presentation to the next level, allowing for consistent, polished imagery across their website and enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Results: GoodBuy Gear saw a staggering 23% boost in conversion rate. This leap in performance not only translated to better customer satisfaction but also helped drive operational efficiency, freeing up valuable hours for the team.

Providing high quality and consistent visuals for a growing online marketplace

GoodBuy Gear started with a mission close to many parents' hearts—giving amazing children's products a second life. Their Denver roots quickly grew into a coast-to-coast operation and a thriving online marketplace, connecting eco-conscious parents with incredible pre-loved finds. But with over 42,000 products across 2,600 brands, this exciting expansion came with a challenge: product photos.

See, GoodBuy Gear prided itself on a unique approach. Each item was lovingly captured in various makeshift home settings, reflecting the individual charm of each piece. While filled with personality, these photos took a long time to capture and lacked cohesion. In one image, a stroller would look huge, while in another, the same stroller would look pretty tiny. Confusing, right? This unintentional inconsistency made it challenging for parents to judge the quality and size of the product available.

And with the growth and photos coming in from multiple locations daily, creating a uniform online experience felt like a never-ending jigsaw. They needed a way to improve the process without compromising the quality or the authentic representation of their products.

"A photo is worth a thousand words, and especially for us, as we deal with items that might have imperfections, clear and consistent images are crucial. They not only build confidence but also help customers analyze details. With the diversity of products and conditions we handle, making sure that our imagery meets our high standards across the board was essential.” - Audra Jones, Product Owner at GoodBuy Gear

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Standardizing photo consistency and saving time with Photoroom’s API

After testing different solutions, Photoroom's API became GoodBuy Gear's secret weapon. It offered the perfect combination of ease and reliability, completely reinventing their photo editing process. Integrating the API automated the once laborious task of editing images, replacing miscellaneous backgrounds with a crisp, consistent white that made each item pop. This change even led to a surprising reaction: customers started asking if the enhanced images were professional stock photos, a tribute to the newfound quality and consistency of the visuals.

Setting up the API was a walk in the park. Once the photos are taken, the API automatically applies a professional white background, and the images are uploaded to the GoodBuy Gear website. But first, the Wingmoms and Wingdads, who quality check and photograph each item before it is listed, work their magic. Fun fact: The term "Wingmom" comes from the idea that every new mom needs a wingmom to help navigate baby gear. These trained team members ensure that every product meets high safety and quality standards, adding a personal touch to each listing. As a result of this automation, the team is able to focus on getting more items ready, and cropping and positioning can also be automated using the API.

This new workflow empowers a team spread across multiple locations—from Denver to Philadelphia and New York City. At any given time, as many as 25 team members alone could be capturing photos. Now, this distributed team works synchronously, thanks to Photoroom’s API, which ensures that no matter where the photos come from, they all meet the same high standards of quality and consistency after going through the editing process.

A healthy 23% uplift in conversion rate

Since integrating Photoroom's API, GoodBuy Gear has seen a wave of positive changes across their entire operation. Firstly, collaboration among the team has soared. The previous hurdles of standardizing photo quality across various locations have been smoothed over, and this has freed up hours, allowing the team to dive into other projects and increase productivity.

The measurable results also speak volumes: after rolling out Photoroom, the brand recorded a 23% increase in conversion rate. And one of the most notable moments for the team was during the initial phase after the integration. GoodBuy Gear witnessed an immediate uptick in customer engagement. Through A/B testing, they found that products with the new Photoroom backgrounds consistently received more clicks and higher conversion rates compared to those with the original backgrounds.

Now, with the major challenges of photo quality behind them, GoodBuy Gear is leveraging their newfound efficiency to innovate further—enhancing team workflows and accelerating the pace at which products move from arrival to online availability. This allows them to focus on what they do best: making the shopping experience not just faster but also more enjoyable, truly reflecting their mission to transform how families shop sustainably. It's a win-win for everyone – happy team, happy customers, and a happier planet with more pre-loved treasures getting a second chance.

"Photoroom changed everything for us. It automated the background editing, making every photo consistent. This has considerably streamlined our process, giving us the freedom to innovate and improve the speed at which products are made available online," - Audra Jones, Product Owner at GoodBuy Gear

Ready to integrate Photoroom? Learn more about our API here. If you plan to process more than 500,000 images per year, contact us to meet with our experts.

Michelle Belcic
Michelle BelcicHead of B2B Sales & Partnerships

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