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Include Photoroom in your workflow to process your visual at scale. Use it just to remove background, add shadows, center your product, or daze your audience with instant background that adapts to their location, mood, media channel.
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Using Photoroom API, we decreased by 15% our Cost-Per-Click on Google Shopping. With the accuracy of the Photoroom API, and the quality of the white background photos, we managed to automate the cropping of our ads and avoid quality problems.

Thomas GounotCo-founder of Campsider marketplace

How Plug reduced CPA by 250%

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boost in click-through rate (CTR)
drop in cost-per-click (CPC)

How Photoroom powers advertising

Photoroom makes it easy to quickly create effective, ad-ready images at scale.

AI-Powered Image Consistency for ads

Photoroom uses AI to ensure product image consistency across different channels and campaigns, addressing the need for uniform visual communication.

  • Power your ad platform with automated Image Generation: Tailor images to match brand guidelines and campaign themes automatically.

  • Generate compliant ads visuals for your Channels: Use AI to generate images based on context-specific prompts that align with the publisher’s content and your brand's guidelines.

Power your ad platform with Ads' Creative at scale

Leverage Photoroom's APIs to automate and expedite your creative production, enabling you to effortlessly scale your image content across multiple campaigns and platforms.

  • Batch image processing: Quickly generate multiple ad variants from a single asset for different seasons, events, or campaigns.

  • Dynamic background customization: Automatically adapt image backgrounds for specific audience targeting or campaign needs.

Efficient visual production campaign

Photoroom APIs enables to centralize all your flow of visual editing and production management for ads at scale directly in the format needed.

  • Automatize edit workflows via API: Streamline visual processing directly to your platform for  deployment with automated editing that reduce manual work.

  • Cross-platform compatibility: automatically repurpose creatives across social media, video, and display channels. One at a time or by batch. Your decision.

Make your images ad-ready

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Post production automated
Customized workflow for instant editing
Achieve seamless visuals harmonization
Visual consistency is key to building consumer trust and streamlining the shopping experience.
Empower your team
Unlock creativity and ensure message clarity with Photoroom. Adapt and deploy marketing visuals fast.

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