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Remove the background of your photo and change the background to brown
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How to change a photo background to brown?

Step 1

Select an image 📷

First, choose the image you want to add a brown background to by clicking on “Start from a photo”.

Your image format can be PNG or JPG. We support all image dimensions.

Step 2

Let the magic work ✨

Our tool automatically removes the background from your photo and turns it brown.

Discover more editing options by clicking on “Edit in Photoroom”, such as choosing another background color or choosing a transparent background.

Step 3

Download your image 😎

Download your image with an brown background as a PNG file.

You can also create a Photoroom account to store your work and enjoy more photo editing options.

Warmth, security and earthiness

In 2023, brown emerges as a favored neutral for interior decorating, ranging from earthy tones to luxurious caramel hues. As color trends move away from the cool dominance of grays that prevailed in the past decade, the resurgence of warmer shades brings a sense of coziness and comfort to spaces.

Captivating Product Showcase

Using brown colors for product photography is advantageous as it adds a touch of warmth, sophistication, and a natural aesthetic, enhancing the visual appeal and desirability of the products.

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