Get creative Spark your creativity

Get inspired and make an impact with Photoroom’s AI tools to turn your bright ideas into dazzling visuals.

Transform your vision into reality

Bring products to life

Got a big idea for your products? Make it real in seconds with Photoroom’s one-click AI tools. With features like motion blur, color splash, and beautiful beach backgrounds, anyone can make standout product photos. No learning curve — just quick, hassle-free creation.

Create your way with full creative control

Start simple with a template, experiment with layered collages, or generate your own images from scratch with creative prompts. Complete the look with curved text in your favourite font.

Share the fun with friends and family

With AI, you can put your own spin on any viral trend. Make memes, make-believe scenes, or cute pet montages with Photoroom’s AI Backgrounds. Then turn them into stickers to share with friends.

Work together as a team

Creating is easier when you collaborate. Create a team for twice the creative fun, with real-time feedback and idea sharing directly on your projects.

How to get creative

Step 1

Find inspiration

Log into the app and take a scroll through Photoroom’s unique template library for inspiration. Check out our fun and unique background collections to get your creativity flowing.

Step 2

Get experimenting

Play around with our guided AI prompts to generate one of a kind AI backgrounds and images for your designs, and get creative with tools like stickers, collages, and texts. There’s no wrong way to do this — so have fun with it!

Step 3

Share ideas and feedback

A second (or third) set of eyes can offer a fresh perspective.Share your creations with our Facebook community, or create a team with friends or colleagues to bounce creative ideas off each other.

Photoroom Teams

Work better together

Collaborate and create amazing photos more efficiently than ever with Photoroom Teams. Create, share and edit designs together in real-time, from desktop or mobile. Stay on brand with shared templates, logos, and brand assets ready to add in a tap. And simplify your workflows with team feedback and edits in one central location.

Discover our creative templates

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Ready to get creative?

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Explore more AI tools

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AI Retouch
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Change background color
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Add text to photo
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Outline image
Add a cool outline to your picture and create printable stickers and stunning collages.

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