What's new in product: November 2023

Jeanette ShaJeanette Sha·November 30, 2023

With the holiday spirit in the air, we are thrilled to unveil the November product enhancements for Photoroom on iOS, Android, and Web, perfectly timed to boost your e-commerce success during the busiest shopping season of the year. Scroll down to get a first look at upcoming features that continue to make creating stunning visuals easier than ever.

New Updates

Switch backgrounds easily in Photoroom

Recently, we made it easier to switch to different types of backgrounds in Photoroom for iOS, and this is now also available for Android users. You can easily change your background to a new color or image or create one from scratch in Instant Backgrounds.

For: All users

Platform: Photoroom for Android

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Re-introducing Textures

You asked, we listened! We brought back textured backgrounds on iOS. While picking background colors you can scroll down and have the option again to apply a texture. You must update the Photoroom iOS app to version 5.6.6 or later to enjoy it.

For: All users

Platform: Photoroom for iOS

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Rename your templates

You can now easily edit the name of your own templates on the web version of Photoroom. By simply clicking on the three dots at the top right of your template image and clicking “Rename”, you can now better organize different templates and easily re-apply them.

For: All users

Platform: Photoroom for Web

Personalized profile picture

You can now add a profile picture and display your initials on the Photoroom app. This is especially handy for users who collaborate with other teammates on Photoroom.

For: All users

Platform: Photoroom for iOS, Android and Web

Coming soon

Using image as background inspiration on mobile

We recently launched a new feature on Photoroom Web that allows you to upload an image of your choice or search for an image from our Unsplash library as inspiration for Instant Backgrounds. Soon, mobile users will also have this option under custom backgrounds (the pencil icon) within Instant Backgrounds. With this technology, our AI will generate similar backgrounds tailored even more to your preferences.

For: Pro and Business users

Platform: Photoroom for iOS and Android

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Got product feedback?

We value your input to make Photoroom even better. If you have any suggestions for product improvement, pick a time here to speak directly to our team and impact the future of Photoroom.

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