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New Photoroom API updates (+90% off Background Remover API)
Udo Kaja
Udo KajaMarch 12, 2024
New Photoroom API updates (+90% off Background Remover API)

We want to make our APIs more accessible to as many businesses as possible — from startups to enterprises. Based on the pain points, we’ve heard from many businesses about needing to process tons of images and dealing with the complexity associated with preparing said images for campaigns, product listings, and sales materials amongst many others. We’re thrilled to announce updates to our comprehensive AI photo-editing API — Image Editing API.

We’re introducing these new solutions because we know the pivotal role images play in engaging and converting customers. Furthermore, we want to continue to simplify the painstaking process of photo creation and retouching for all businesses. Our APIs eliminate the need for downloading expensive photo editing software that requires specific technical skills that can be difficult to master, is slow to execute your vision, and needs project planning.

Our improved API builds on our lightning speed Remove Background API, at 500 images per minute for each user, which has successfully powered high-volume brand activations from Warner Bros’ Barbie the Movie, Lion Gate, Netflix and brands like Hennessy and Bulgari.

Enjoy up to 90% off the #1 background remover API

Through conversation with you all, I understood that our old pricing model was not so intuitive and easy to decipher for businesses. I heard that it was difficult to forecast your use (and therefore project your expense line items), you were looking for more affordability for Remove Background, and you were looking for plans that were easy to understand.

I’m super glad to introduce our new pricing plans - which represents a 90% price cut for all our customers using our Remove Background API. We’re eager to make our APIs accessible to as many businesses with the lowest background removal API pricing in the market at $0.02 per image with monthly plans starting from $20. Our Plus plans - which feature our Image Editing API functionality are priced at $0.10 per image with monthly plans starting at $100.

Our new plans are not only simpler but still come with superior solutions for optimizing image editing workflows for product listings, product customization, and ad asset creation in addition to powering brand campaigns and providing more functionality for creativity apps. Our new plans are more streamlined and offer more insights on your usage to allow you to better forecast your costs - all from the API dashboard, which unifies all your Photoroom billing.

More on AI Shadows, Backgrounds and Relighting

To produce even higher quality product images and ad assets in seconds with the Image Editing API, we incorporated:

  • AI Shadows

  • AI Backgrounds

  • AI Relighting

  • Instant editing from the Image Editing API to our web app

In addition to resizing, positioning, and adjusting margins

AI Shadows: Smartly mimics natural lighting conditions, providing depth and ensuring subjects appear grounded and three-dimensional - without you needing to specifically ask for it. No matter the type of object, our AI models can automatically create an appropriate realistic shadow.

AI Backgrounds: Using generative AI to create contextually relevant, professional grade product images in seconds. We’re committed to delivering content-safe images, so we source images responsibly from leading providers and avoid using privately owned or sensitive imagery.

AI Relighting: automatically correct under or overexposure on your images - no manual effort required.

Instant editing from the Photoroom Image Editing API to our web app

We added the ability to further extend retouching from the API to our web app so that you can quickly modify API-edited images in our web app in seconds. Watch the demo.

How these new features can drive more value for your business

Streamline your creative operations: Minimize manual efforts and reduce unnecessary exchanges with vendors or partners. Forget about transferring from multiple databases and struggling to keep up with them. By integrating the Image Editing API, you can centrally manage all your photo retouching tasks. This immediately generates professional images that can be repurposed for your ad campaigns, product listings, and point of sale materials.

Upgrade your product listing process: Ensure your images are consistent across different sources, such as agencies, sellers, and brands. Establish your own requirements and presets according to brand guidelines, logos, or other specifications, with a single click. Revitalize old listings and refresh your product scenery smartly and instantly to boost engagement and conversions. Modify backgrounds to align with seasonal campaigns and themes, eliminating unnecessary details.

Reduce costs: Improve your image editing processes by minimizing the number of photoshoots needed to meet campaign goals and various retailer or marketplace image specifications. These specifications can vary in size, background requirements, padding, and positioning.

Accelerate Your Ad Asset Creation: Generate unlimited ad combinations for various ad platforms - from Google Shopping to TikTok and Instagram. This speeds up ad testing, helping you find the best assets that drive higher clicks, views, and conversions.

Are you ready to test these features?

Visit our Image Editing Playground to test different settings. Here, you can create your own presets and copy the code for direct integration. Note: AI Shadows and AI Backgrounds will be added soon.

You can also watch our tutorial to learn how to use our Playground.

Udo Kaja
Udo KajaCommercial leader passionate about businesses flourishing. I write about how the Photoroom API can significantly impact businesses.

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