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#PhotoValentine: 9 special ways to show your love on Valentine’s Day

Sonia Acosta
Sonia AcostaFebruary 12, 2024
#PhotoValentine: 9 special ways to show your love on Valentine’s Day

Flowers and candy are great, but this Valentine’s Day, why not try something a little different to impress that special someone and let them know how important they are to you? 🤔 Something really fun, unique, and highly personalized. Something your friends, loved ones, partner, or even your favorite coworker or teacher can cherish, look back at, and enjoy long after the flowers have wilted and the candy has become a mere tastebud memory. 

When you’re dealing with the world’s most loved AI photo-editor, the possibilities are truly endless, but we’ll get you started with some creative inspiration. 😎

Here are nine extra special and unique ways to show your love with Photoroom this Valentine’s Day.

1. Make your best friend a magazine cover that highlights all of the things you love about them!

Who doesn’t love to feel like a star? Or hear all the things their favorite person loves and appreciates about them? This Valentine’s Day, break out your publisher hat, make a list of five or six things you love about your best friend (or anyone you love), find your favorite photo of them, open up your Photoroom app, and curate a dazzling magazine cover they’ll never forget and want to show everyone. It’s so simple with tools like our Background Remover and a rich variety of background templates to choose from (check out our awesome “Magazine Covers” collection). If you’re feeling extra inspired, create something completely new with our first-class instant (literally, it takes just one second!) AI Background Generator. Then, add text and other fun elements like flowers, hearts, and stickers. You could even use our Picture Outliner tool to give your Valentine bestie an extra special pop fit for the magazine cover of their dreams.

2. Make a cuteness-overload pup Valentine for all your (and their) dog park friends!

Remember how fun it was to collect and give out Valentine’s Day cards and candy to all of your classmates in school? Bring back those warm fuzzies with an adorable pup Valentine for all your dog park friends and encourage others to do the same to make the exchange even more fun. You can either share them digitally (dog park group chat anyone?) or print for fridge pin-ups (you can even attach a treat to each one!) that are sure to bring laughter and joy to all the pet parents in your life all year long. 

Here again, you’ll use our Background Remover, background templates (check out our deliciously sweet Valentine’s Day collection), or create a completely new background. Then, add a sweet message, emojis, flowers, or even speech bubbles to finalize your one-of-a-kind dog Valentine and head to the dog park to spread the Valentine’s Day joy!

3. Turn yourself into a stunning bouquet of flowers your beloved can enjoy endlessly!

Flowers are great, but they only last about a week or so before they turn into wilted Sad Sallies. This Valentine’s Day, switch things up with an everlasting bouquet that includes one very special flower your beloved will be extra happy to peep in the bunch—YOU! 

Find your best, big-smile, full-body photo (a full-body photo will make it easier to edit yourself into the bouquet of flowers later. Think of your body as the stem!). Then remove the existing background; dig into our Valentine’s Day background templates or create your own; build your bouquet with your gorgeous face as one of the flowers; and send off to your honey. Then, just sit back and wait for the GASP and joyous laughter that will follow as they figure out this is not your everyday bouquet.

4. Turn your loved one into the hero of your heart!

Looking for something a little less hearts-and-flowers and a little more you’re-my-knight-in-shining-armor? We’ve got just the thing! This Valentine’s Day, show your mom, your partner, or your bestie how happy you are to have their love, support, and light every day by making them the hero of your heart with a fun Photoroom Valentine they won’t get anywhere else! Depending on how creative you’re feeling, you can create a one-scene hero card or an entire comic strip. 

Find a full-body action shot of your Valentine hero, and get to work (check out our Family templates for some premade options or create your own). Add a sugary sweet message fit for a hero and get ready to watch the lucky recipient swoon. Wanting to go the extra mile for your love? Create a full comic strip with three to five scenes using different action shots of your loved one!

5. Turn your Valentine into a work of art fit for the most exclusive museum!

Artist Jeremy Brown said it best when he said, "Art takes patience, dedication, practice, creativity, open mind, and an open does love. Love is art." This Valentine’s Day, use Photoroom to turn your beloved into a work of art that will make them feel ultra beautiful and special while showing them just how spectacular you think they are. 

Find a favorite night-out-on-the-town photo of your Valentine (headshots will work best here!); remove the existing background; and add a new, instant one (check out our “Modern Art Collection” or “Van Gogh Collectiontemplates. Then, send off your love-filled masterpiece to your beloved with a deliciously mushy message or poem.

PRO TIP: It’s probably best to keep text off the actual image for this one for an extra sleek, artistic feel.

6. Create an epic and scenic Valentine’s Day date invite!

Sure you could invite your boo on a fun Valentine’s Day date with a regular text, a phone call, or even in person, but where’s the fun in that? Where’s the sparkle? Instead, set an enchanting scene with a personalized Photoroom date invite! Choose from existing scene options like beach or travel backgrounds, or create your own based on their favorite food or activity. You can even invite them on a surprise date by using flowers or balloons for the background instead of creating any specific scene. Photoroom is all about options, options, options! 

Find a cuddly photo of you and your Valentine and check out a variety of premade background templates across categories like Valentine’s Day, Americana, Nature, Travel, Beach, and more. PRO TIP: Make sure your background matches the feel of the date you’re planning! Not finding the perfect scene? Create your own! Just describe your perfect scene and we’ll take it from there. Then send your extra thoughtful date invite off to the lucky intended, and watch them light up with brilliant date-night excitement. 

7. Send a big, warm hug your Valentine can tap into anytime they need a boost! 

Have you ever gotten a hug from someone you love that is so pure and so good that you feel completely loved and rejuvenated afterwards? This Valentine’s Day, give a big, delicious hug to a family member, partner, or friend and plan ahead to have someone take a picture. Then, use that photo to send that special someone a digital hug they can tap into anytime they want or need. 

We can’t always be where our loved ones are every time they need us, but we can certainly remind them that we’re always there in spirit and take them back to a time when they could feel our love live and in color in a hug. 

Find a hugging photo of you and your loved one, remove that pesky, boring background, and add a brand new one filled with love. Use our existing Valentine’s Day templates (they’re really YUM!), or create your own. Add your message, and send off an ever-lasting hug to the lucky hug-e. It’s that easy but oh so special!

8. Design the best Valentine’s Day family card your crew has ever seen!

Family cards aren’t just for Christmas or the December holidays. This Valentine’s Day, send a special family hello to your friends and extended family near and far to remind them you’re thinking of them in February too! Find your most epic family photo, remove the background, and love it up with a brand new Valentine's Day one. Use our templates or create your own. Add your message and other fun elements like flowers, candy, or balloons, and get ready to WOW with your holiday card masterpiece!

9. Show the world your Valentine PRIDE!

Find a cute photo of you and your rainbow Valentine (we’re sure you have hundreds!), remove the background, and check out our Rainbow Polaroid template under the Family category. Or create something completely new that really matches your couple vibe. Finalize your sweet celebration with cool tools like our Image Brightener or Image Enhancer for that extra special pop and voila! You’re all set to share your sweet celebration of love and PRIDE with the masses. 

Feeling inspired yet? We hope so! Download Photoroom on your iPhone or Android device or use Photoroom Web on your desktop and start creating your unique Valentine's Day surprises now!

We can’t wait to see what you come up with. Happy Valentine’s Day!  💜

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Sonia Acosta
Sonia AcostaWriter, content strategist, and brand marketer. Here, I write about Photoroom's positive impact and explore creative ways to celebrate each other.

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