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How artists can elevate their work with AI-powered photo editing

Sonia Acosta
Sonia AcostaMay 28, 2024
How artists can elevate their work with AI-powered photo editing

Photoroom is loved and celebrated by a diverse range of users around the world—from creators to small businesses to artists—for its powerful AI-driven tools that enable them to achieve a wide range of professional-quality results quickly and effortlessly. Still, when it comes to using AI for art specifically, many still see this as controversial and worry that it might undermine traditional artistic skills, diminish the role of human creativity, and lead to a homogenization of artistic expression. 

But prolific collage artist Michelle Franchini begs to differ. In fact, she is a fervent advocate and uses AI in her artistic process every single day. After several years of using Photoroom as her trusted creative assistant, Michelle hopes to inspire other artists to open their minds to the vast possibilities provided by what she deems her essential digital sketchbook—a reliable companion she can access anytime and anywhere the mood to create strikes.

The way Photoroom’s head of design, Mathieu Badimon sees it, AI apps like Photoroom are not meant to replace artists, designers, photographers, and the like, but instead enhance their work by streamlining tedious and labor-intensive tasks like cutting, cropping, and mock-up design. This in turn, gives artists and creatives more time to think and experiment. "Creative work still requires the same amount of craft, experience, and talent as before," he says. The difference AI-powered photo-editing apps like Photoroom make is the ability to be very precise. This significantly enhances the quality of the final product, allowing users to achieve meticulous detail and polish that might be time-consuming or difficult to replicate manually. And the best part is, the AI is trained using paid-for creative work, so Photoroom is really a full-circle benefit, enhancing the community it serves by leveraging their own high-quality outputs.

Still on the fence about using AI photo editing apps like Photoroom for art? Here are two major ways artists of all kinds can use Photoroom to boost their work and processes, including specific tools and examples of how one might use them to elevate their art projects in cool and innovative ways. 

Using AI to drive creative experimentation 

Photoroom enables artists to experiment in ways that were previously time-consuming or impossible, allowing for the creation of unique art pieces that blend traditional techniques with digital innovation. 

Take Michelle Franchini’s collage art, for example. Photoroom is a crucial part of Michelle’s process. She uses it every single day to work the layers (sometimes as many as 30 or 40!) of her ever-more intricate analog collages before committing scissors to paper. This gives Michelle far greater creative experimentation prowess, significantly reduces waste, and overcomes the limits of working purely in analog. 

Whether combining analog and digital collage or working in other mixed media, artists like Michelle can use Photoroom to manipulate photographic elements before combining them with other media. Digital artists can also use Photoroom for a variety of creative effects, like integrating edited photos into digital paintings or compositions.

Here are some specific Photoroom tools and features artists can use to boost creative experimentation and improve their artistic processes:

Artists can also enjoy other photo editing tools, to achieve edits like:

Using AI to enhance your artistic workflow and streamline the design process

As you can see, Photoroom’s AI photo editor not only elevates visual content by giving you creative control over every visual element of your work but also streamlines the design process by automating routine tasks such as background removal, object isolation, color correction, and pattern generation. 

This integration allows artists—from photographers and fashion designers to graphic designers and tattoo artists—to enhance photos, create professional promotional images, and upgrade artwork for online portfolios or social media without compromising quality. The efficiency gained through these tools frees up time for more creative endeavors, focusing on concept and design development.

Graphic designers and other digital creatives find these tools particularly transformative, as they reduce time spent on manual adjustments and asset sourcing, allowing for a deeper focus on the image’s style, tone, and overall graphic qualities. Photoroom’s tools have even transformed the workflow of its own internal team

For collaborative projects, Photoroom Pro’s new feature lets users share subscriptions, create teams, and facilitate real-time feedback, enhancing workflow within a unified platform.

Whether improving your artistic workflow or simplifying the design process, Photoroom provides the essential tools to elevate and expedite your artistic projects. That means more time for the fun stuff and more time to create!

Let Photoroom transform your artistic journey 

To Michelle, Photoroom equals creative freedom. She encourages every artist to drop the stigma and the fear, lead with a playful spirit, and give Photoroom a chance to show them what creativity and art without boundaries can really look like. 

Are you an artist looking for ways to take your overall process and your work to the next level? Try Photoroom on Android, iOS, or the Web today. And join our community on Facebook to take advantage of a shared place to connect on all things Photoroom. Ask questions, share your art, and get pro tips and tricks to get the most out of the app. Meet you there! 

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