API: Photoroom vs Remove.bg comparison

Photoroom's superior background removal, 100% money-back guarantee, advanced AI features make it the top solution for businesses.
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Comparing Photoroom vs Removebg

We tested our background remover and Removebg to assess their accuracy.
Original image
We processed a bicycle image to compare Photoroom and Removebg's background removal accuracy.
The Photoroom result
Photoroom delivered the most accurate segmentation and background removal compared to Removebg.
The Removebg result
Removebg missed on segmenting the finer details such as the spokes, which is more complex.

Best-in-class accuracy

According to third-party testing as outlined in this report from Velebit.ai, the Photoroom API outperforms Removebg and other tools by at least 30%.

100% money-back guarantee

We guarantee 100% accurate background removals or your money back. Our guarantee also covers cases when you find a photo editing API that's better than ours.

Instant editing from API to web

We've introduced brand new functionality which allows easy and instant editing from the API to our web app.

Best value for your investment

Photoroom provides transparent pricing and great value for your investment with prices starting from 1¢. You can choose from several subscription options and save with each tier. We offer discounted plans tailored to meet your needs, based on the type and status of your business.

5-star gen AI photo editing tools

Resize, crop, position, add Gen AI backgrounds, add depth with AI generated shadows and generate hundreds of new images in seconds with our full suite of solutions.

Top brands choose Photoroom

Photoroom, the groundbreaking technology powering BarbieSelfie.ai, shattered all expectations by seamlessly integrating user photos into captivating Barbie movie posters. Photoroom's unparalleled ease of use became the catalyst for a viral sensation, propelling the Barbie Selfie Generator into the digital spotlight and captivating audiences worldwide.

Cameron CurtisExecutive Vice President at Warner Bros.

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