Photoroom API Startup Plan

Optimise your image workflows, accelerate your product launches, and deliver images that sell.

Why top startups integrate the Photoroom API

Accelerate time to market

Deploy the #1 background remover or AI photo editing API into your app or website in less than one hour.

Instantly optimize your image workflow

Create high quality images for product listings, digital campaigns, and brand activations.

Save money

The Photoroom API offers the most affordable pricing for background remover in the market and stellar AI photo editing solutions.

These brands rely on Photoroom

Eligibility Criteria and Conditions

We welcome marketplace, e-commerce, creativity app or software startups to join our program to get 60,000 free Basic images (or the equivalent of 12,000 Plus images). You must have enabled your Photoroom API key and never been a recipient of any Photoroom API Startup or Partner plan. To be eligible:

You must:

  • Be incorporated no more than two years ago and

  • Have raised no more than $1million in funding

  • Not be a recipient of the Photoroom API Startup or Partner plan


Offer will expire 1 year after issue date.

What you’ll need before you apply

- Sign up for a Photoroom account and enable the Photoroom API

-Your Photoroom API sign up email address

-Your website or app URL

-A link to the LinkedIn profile for your founders/CEO

Apply Now

What our startup customers say about Photoroom

Using Photoroom API, we decreased by 15% our Cost-Per-Click on Google Shopping. With the accuracy of the Photoroom API, and the quality of the white background photos, we managed to automate the cropping of our ads and avoid quality problems.

Thomas GounotCo-founder of Campsider marketplace

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