Moving to our new API pricing plans

For existing API customers to discover how to migrate to our new pricing plans

What you need to know

New Pricing plans

Two new monthly plans 📷

We simplified our pricing with two new monthly plans which are the most affordable and offer the best background remover and AI photo editing solutions in the market. The plans are:

Basic plan for background removal at $0.02 per image and monthly plans starting at $20

Plus plan for advanced photo editing including AI solutions at $0.10 per image and monthly plans starting at $100.


Timelines to bookmark ✨

You have until February 27, 2025 to use your existing credits.

You can continue renew your existing plan from your API dashboard until that date.

The process for renewing your existing plan won't change.

We'll send a notification when you have 20% of your credits left as well as when you deplete all your credits. This will allow you plan for when to make your transition.

How do you transition to the new pricing?

Actions to take 😎

If you decide to continue on your existing plan, no action is required.

If you want to move to a new plan, you can do so from your API dashboard in 3-steps:

Create a new team

Enable a new API key

Select your new plan (Basic or Plus) and proceed to payment

Note: you will have 2 teams - one subscribed to the new pricing plan and the other to our old pricing.

If you prefer to use your old API key, contact us on with your previous API key, new API key (first 10 characters), and your switch date, so we can update your account.

These brands rely on Photoroom

Create polished product and ad images that convert

Automatically add depth and dimension to your product images using our AI Shadows. Design appropriate AI generated backgrounds that make your products shine and automatically relight your images in seconds.

Unlimited AI photo editing options

Bulk resize your images, center, add margins, AI shadows, Ai backgrounds, logos, text, and adjust brightness. The image editing possibilities are endless and give you the flexibility to adhere to your brand guidelines, ad platforms, and marketplace specifications without any manual work.

100% money-back guarantee

You only pay for images that satisfy your quality standards or you get your money back. Our guarantee also covers cases when you find a photo editing API that's better than ours.

Explore our pricing plans

Explore our API pricing plans, compare features, and subscribe.

Explore our API pricing plans

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