How PhotoRoom boosts ad performance by up to 29%

Udo KajaUdo Kaja·November 15, 2023

As photo editing experts partnering with brands across various industries, we understand how images can drive customer engagement and increase conversion rates.

With this in mind, we conducted a test to determine the impact of image backgrounds on ad performance. Our initial hypothesis was that images with polished white backgrounds and shadows would outperform unpolished images. Keep reading to see how we tested this theory and explore our results.


Our primary goal was to evaluate the impact of image backgrounds and quality through ad tests on Facebook. We used cost per link click (CPC) and click-through rates (CTR) on the ads as indicators of engagement and interest.


We conducted an A/B test on two images of a skincare cream. Version A had a regular (unpolished) background, while Version B was a treated version using PhotoRoom to replace the original background.

  • Version A: Regular (unpolished) background

  • Version B: PhotoRoom Generative AI white background

Once we had our images, we set up a Facebook account and web pages to run the ad and measure the traffic generated from each image variant, using the same copy for both ads. After one week of testing, we analyzed CPCs and CTRs to gather insights.


The PhotoRoom-generated image in Version B performed better than Version A, with a 12% lower CPC and 29% higher CTR. The lower ad costs translate into a higher return on investment on ad spend. This also indicates that users prefer viewing cosmetics without noise or clutter, so they see the product clearly. In the future, we'll conduct more tests across various product categories to validate this result and better understand user behaviour.

Next steps

Our research shows that the image generated by PhotoRoom emerged as the clear winner. However, we understand that the performance of images in ads can be complicated — it can vary depending on the product's category, the digital marketing channels, and the pricing. This test is just the beginning, and we will continue to experiment with more categories to prove our hypothesis and gain more definitive insights to support visual commerce.

Partner with us on your next campaign

We'd love to broaden our research across different product categories. If you work in diverse industries like furniture, cosmetics, health, fashion, retail, or any others, share your images with us, and we'll incorporate them in our next round of ad tests. In return, we'll cover the ad expenses. From this test, we'll gain valuable insights and help you identify which image types yield the best engagement and conversions for your business.

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Udo Kaja
Udo KajaHead of B2B Go-to-Market