How to sell on Poshmark with AI-driven photo editing

Maryam Oseni
Maryam OseniDecember 18, 2023
How to sell on Poshmark with AI-driven photo editing

Let’s face it: the human attention span isn’t what it used to be. In a marketplace like Poshmark with millions of buyers and sellers, grabbing a buyer’s eye is like trying to catch a fish with your bare hands—tricky, to say the least!

With so much going on in the platform, the best way to make your listing “pop!” is with high-quality visuals. But creating those high-quality visuals can feel like a mountain to climb, especially as a solopreneur juggling a million things simultaneously.

In this article, we will share some quick and easy tips on taking great product photos and sprucing them up with photo editing tricks. And for those tasks that feel like a real chore, like removing or changing backgrounds and retouching images? We'll show you how AI photo editors can do it for you in seconds.

How to Sell on Poshmark

Before we jump into the product photography setup, let’s quickly talk about what Poshmark is and how to start selling on the platform.

Poshmark is:

  • a peer-to-peer fashion resale platform that allows users to buy and sell clothing, jewelry, accessories, and other fashion-related items directly to one another.

  • It's a great way to make money if you have unwanted clothes, shoes, and accessories

Poshmark operates much like the Facebook Marketplace but is specifically tailored for fashion enthusiasts. Transactions on Poshmark are straightforward but come with small fees, a characteristic shared with many online marketplaces. These fees help maintain the platform and provide various services, ensuring a secure and efficient environment for both buyers and sellers. 

To start selling on Poshmark, follow the steps below:

1. Create a free Poshmark account (called closet) by downloading the mobile app or signing up on

2. Customize your virtual closet. Add personal details, a small bio, and a profile picture.

3. Input your banking details for seamless deposits once you begin selling.

How to create stellar product photos for Poshmark

Now, you are ready to start listing products on Poshmark. Here are some key techniques to help you create and edit your product photos to attract buyers to your Poshmark store:

Set up your background and environment

On Poshmark, a good background is super important. It makes your items pop and grab buyers' attention. It’s like a stage that lets your products shine and shows you’re serious about selling. Here are some background tips to help you:

  • Before you shoot your product photos, take a moment to scan the environment through your camera’s lens. Remove any distracting elements that don’t serve your product’s story.

  • Keep your background simple. Opt for neutral, calm color tones—think whites, grays, or soft pastels. This helps your product be the star of the show!

  • Play around with subtle textures: A wooden floor or a fabric backdrop can add depth to your pictures without overshadowing the product.

  • Be consistent with your background: Using a similar backdrop for all your listings helps to build a cohesive shop aesthetic. Whether it’s vintage vibes, minimalistic chic, or rustic charm

    – let your background subtly convey your brand’s personality.

💡 Pro tip: Using a white background for your items is a big potential win because Poshmark uses Google Shopping ads items that have white background (respecting google shopping rules).

Use natural lighting

Natural lighting is your best friend when it comes to taking product photos. It brightens up your items, shows off their true colors, and gives your photos a fresh, inviting vibe. Here are some ways to get shots with good lighting:

  • Position your products near a large window, allowing natural light to illuminate the details and colors. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent harsh shadows.

  • Ensure the product is evenly lit from all angles to avoid unnecessary shadows and highlights. You can try using a whiteboard to reflect light onto the darker areas of your product. This simple trick can add depth and dimension. 

  • An extra aesthetic tip? Shooting in the early morning or late afternoon can give your photos a warm, golden glow.

Balance the shot composition

Composition is like the layout of your photo. When everything’s in the right place, your item stands out, and the photo looks neat and organized. When trying to balance your composition, you can try these tips:

  • Apply the rule of third: To do that, imagine your image is divided into nine equal segments by two vertical and two horizontal lines. Then, position the essential elements along these lines or their intersections.

  • Place your product slightly off-center: This creates visual interest and aligns with the natural way our eyes explore an image.

  • Experiment with different angles: a slight tilt, an overhead shot, or a close-up can highlight different features of the product.

  • Be mindful of the color palette: Coordinate the colors in your composition to create a visually pleasing and cohesive image.

Style your photos with props

Poshmark is a fashion marketplace and buyers are not just looking for random clothes. They are looking for clothes they can style with other items in their wardrobe. Adding props can make your photos more interesting and give buyers an idea of how to use or wear your item. But remember, the key is to keep it simple! Props should complement your product, not overshadow it.

  • Use props that complement the product and add context, but be careful not to clutter the scene. For example, if you’re selling clothes, style them with neutral accessories to give buyers outfit inspiration while keeping the focus on the product.

  • Align the styling with your brand’s theme and the story you want to tell. Bohemian, minimalist, vintage—whatever your vibe, let the props and styling resonate with it.

  • Use the power of two-to-one, i.e., style two items in your shop that go together. That way, you can convince someone interested in the first item to buy the second item too.

  • Props can also be helpful for helping realizing the actual size of the item that you are selling. Imaginge, you are selling a watch and adding a prop such a book next to it, helps the customer to understand the sizes better.

  • Experts recommend wearing the clothes on at least one image to show the potential customer, how they will actually look like. Studies have shown that they sell up to 10 times better than just photos of the clothes on a hanger or on the floor.

Capture the product details

Detail shots are super important on Poshmark. They show off the little things that make your item special and help build trust with buyers. So, zoom in on those textures, patterns, and features! It’s like giving buyers a closer look and saying, “Check out how awesome this is!”

Identify what makes your product stand out. Is it the handmade embroidery, the unique button design, or the textured fabric? Show these features in your shots.

If you are using a smartphone camera, switch to portrait mode when capturing details. They give a focused, angled shot with a softly blurred background that creates a sense of depth and interest.

Retouch to enhance, not alter

Subtly retouching your product photos can bring out the fine details of your product, accentuating its features, texture, and uniqueness. It helps you correct the lighting and color balance, ensuring that the product looks true to life and just as appealing online as it is in person.

Less is more when it comes to retouching. Adjust the brightness to reduce or increase light exposure in your product shots. You can also play around with contrast and sharpness to improve the image definition. It is best practice to avoid filters, especially if they change the color of your product

Easily upgrade your product photos with AI

As you can see from all the information above, getting a high-quality product photo is not a walk in the park. Imagine if you had to take photos of 50 products; that would require setting up multiple backdrops and constantly adjusting lighting and props. That would take forever. AI photo editors like Photoroom take out a huge chunk of the work for you. Here are some things an AI photo editor can do for you:

Remove backgrounds with AI

AI photo editor Photoroom is a pro at removing backgrounds, leaving you with a clean, distraction-free image that lets your product shine. This is especially handy for those shots where the background is busy or takes attention away from your item. See how Photoroom completely removes an image background to focus on the product:

Image background removed with Photoroom

Generate AI backgrounds for a unique shot

Generate AI backgrounds with Photoroom that complement your product and make it pop – all with the help of generative AI. You can use prompts or even an image as inspiration to generate your unique background. This can be a game-changer for creating eye-catching listings that grab buyers' attention and set your Poshmark shop apart.

Bathroom background generated with AI using Photoroom

“Presentation is everything in the competitive reselling market. It’s the most tedious part and takes me so long. I have 3 children running around and my house is always a mess. When I use Photoroom to choose nice options to put my items in a nice room, I can price my items more because people will pay more for nice things.”

– Jessica Cooper, Poshmark seller

Batch-edit multiple images together

Selling on Poshmark often means dealing with a ton of images. AI photo editors can batch-edit, allowing you to apply the same edits to multiple photos at once. This is a huge time-saver, especially when you have a bunch of similar items to list. It ensures consistency across your listings and helps maintain a cohesive shop aesthetic. Photoroom’s Batch Mode allows users to edit as many as 500 photos at once on the Business plan.

Use AI-generated shadows in your shots

A little shadow can add depth and make your product images look more realistic. AI photo editors can generate shadows, giving your photos a more professional and polished feel. It’s a subtle touch, but it can make a big difference in presenting your items in the best light possible.

Neatly remove unwanted objects in your pictures

Ever taken what you thought was the perfect shot, only to notice a random object photo-bombing your product? AI photo editors to the rescue! They can seamlessly remove any unwanted objects, without altering the rest of the image. This can be particularly useful if you don’t have access to a perfect shooting environment and often find unexpected items in the frame.

Removing the second shoe from the frame using Photoroom

How high-quality images contribute to sales growth

When a product photo is clear, detailed, and aesthetically pleasing, it naturally grabs attention, invites clicks, and encourages the buyer to explore your Poshmark closet further. Here are the benefits of having high-quality product photos:

First impressions: In online shopping, that initial glance can make or break a sale. Your images are the first handshake and the welcome mat that invites buyers in. They have the power to make that first impression count, to turn a casual scroll into a stop, a click, and ultimately, a sale.

Visual storytelling: Good images don’t just showcase a product; they tell a story. They give life to the fabric, highlight the gleam of a jewel, and showcase the vibrancy of colors. This lets buyers imagine the product in their lives, sparking a connection that words alone might not achieve.

Show professionalism and credibility: High-quality images show buyers you care about your shop, pay attention to detail, and are transparent about what you’re selling.

Boost engagement and conversions: Quality visuals drive engagement! They’re like magnets, pulling buyers in and making them more likely to like, share, and hit that order button.

💡 PRO TIP: Experiment with various image styles and assess the performance with your community and customers. Methodically document your observations to enhance conversion rates in your inventory or even use A/B testing to measure the impact of your image.

Streamlining Poshmark listings using AI-powered tools

High-quality visuals do not just elevate your listings; they enhance your buyer’s journey and give you a stronger brand presence. AI tools like Photoroom streamline the editing process and add a professional touch:

  • you can swiftly cut out objects

  • choose suitable backgrounds

  • and create visually appealing images

all without spending hours on manual editing. It’s about working smart, not hard, and focusing your precious time on growing your Poshmark business.

Try Photoroom today - It’s accessible on mobile devices and can be downloaded from the App Store or the Google Play Store, or you can sign up on Photoroom Web.


What is Poshmark?
Poshmark is a social commerce platform where users can buy and sell new or used clothing, accessories, and home goods.

What can you sell on Poshmark?
You can sell clothing, shoes, accessories, beauty products, home goods, and select pet accessories on Poshmark.

How do I upload a listing on Poshmark?
In the Poshmark app, tap on the “Sell” button. Take or upload a photo of your item and fill in the details like description, size, and price. 

How to delete a listing on Poshmark?
To delete a listing on Poshmark, go to the listing, tap ‘Edit’ in the top right corner, scroll down, and select ‘Delete Listing.’

Maryam Oseni
Maryam OseniI am a content marketer and I love painting. At Photoroom, I write about multiple ways to make your product photography better with AI.

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