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Remove the background of your photo and change the background to dark blue
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How to change a photo background to dark blue?

Step 1

Select an image 📷

Choose the image you want to add an orange background to by clicking on “Start from a photo”.

Your image format can be PNG or JPG. We support all image dimensions.

Step 2

Let the magic work ✨

Our tool automatically removes the background from your photo and turns it light blue.

Discover more editing options by clicking on “Edit in PhotoRoom”, such as choosing another background color like pink, purple or green.

Step 3

Download your image 😎

Download your image with a dark blue background as a PNG file.

You can also create a PhotoRoom account to store your work and enjoy more photo editing options.

Confidence in dark blue

Dark blue is often seen as a color of trust, reliability, and authority in advertising. It is frequently used to communicate a sense of professionalism and seriousness, making it a popular choice for brands in industries such as finance, technology, and healthcare. Dark blue can also evoke a feeling of security and stability, making it suitable for promoting products or services that require a sense of confidence.

Match your image a dark blue background

While dark blue is mostly used in corporate environments, its versatility shines through as it can be paired with nearly any color, which makes it easy to use and adjust also for other industries.

Personalize your image

To add the finishing touch to the photo, you can choose to resize the image, making it perfect for posting on Instagram or Pinterest. Additionally, you can personalize the message by adding text to the image, providing more context

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