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Q: What is the latency to return the processed image? Is there a rate limit?

A: The median latency (number of seconds it will take to remove the background) to return the processed image is 350 ms for PhotoRoom Remove Background API.

The default rate limit is 500 images per minute. For special use cases, it can be updated.

Q: Are the images sent to the API stored by PhotoRoom? Can I ask to delete them?

A: PhotoRoom doesn’t save the images that are processed through PhotoRoom API.

Q: Where is your server located?

A: The server is located in Eastern USA.

Q: What are preview images in the API?

A: Preview images are small resolution images, up to 0.25 megapixels (e.g. 625 × 400 pixels). They require 0.25 credit to be processed through PhotoRoom API instead of 1 credit for higher resolution.

In terms of implementation, the API size parameter should be set to preview to be charged 0.25 credit.

Q: What is the max resolution of the image?

A: We recommend limiting to 25MP, although there is no specific limitation. If the file is too large and your connection is too slow, it might time out.

Q: Can I train a machine learning model using images edited with the API or PhotoRoom?

A: No, according to our terms, you can’t train a machine learning model using the PhotoRoom API.

Q: Is there a rate-limiting?

A: The default rate limit is 500 images per minute. For special use cases, it can be updated.

Q: What should the PhotoRoom logo look like within your app with the API partner plan?

A: Below are a few examples of a well-done partnership on an upload image interface. Typically users benefiting from the background removal must see the PhotoRoom logo and be able to click on it.

From a technical standpoint:

  1. Where should you put the logo in your app?
    The best place to show the PhotoRoom logo is on your upload-images UI if you have one. This way creators and resellers can learn about PhotoRoom. If you don't have such a UI, you can display the attribution logo next to the images you're showing on your application.

  2. Which logo should you use? The PhotoRoom logo to add is the following one:

    We offer several versions of the logo (.svg for Android & Web, .pdf for iOS, and .png), a version with no tagline so you can localize "Background Removed by" and a dark version. They are available with the below link:

    All PhotoRoom API attributions version

    You can add a thin layer with white background and transparency behind our logo, so it works well on all images.

  3. Which link should you set?

    Always wrap those images with a link to for web and email, for iOS apps, for Android apps

Q: I have another question

A: For any other questions, please check our pricing FAQ or reach out to us in our Slack Community.