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History of the changes made to the PhotoRoom API



New Endpoint - Account Details: We have introduced a new endpoint GET /v1/account which provides detailed information about the current state of your account. This includes your current credit consumption and the total monthly credits available for your subscription.

This new endpoint is aimed at giving users a better understanding of their account status and managing their credit usage effectively. The response from the endpoint will be in JSON format, as shown in the example below:

{ "credits": { "available": 9912, "subscription": 10000 } }

In this sample, "available" denotes the remaining credits for the current month and "subscription" indicates the total monthly credits associated with the user's subscription.

Detailed specifications and usage instructions are available on our API documentation page.



Image Upload Enhancement: We have made improvements to our API's image upload functionality to offer a more flexible experience. In addition to passing an imageUrl as a URL parameter, users are now also able to send the image binary directly in a POST request using the new imageFile field. This added capability simplifies the process of uploading images, especially for those who have the images available locally and not hosted online.

The previous method using imageUrl remains functional and backward compatibility is maintained. Users are free to choose the method most convenient to their needs.

Please refer to our updated documentation for detailed instructions on using the new imageFile field:



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