API documentation Getting Started

Our free Remove Background API is a fast and efficient API that allows you to remove backgrounds from your images. We offer white background, transparent background, and custom color backgrounds.

Quick start

1- Get your API key here

2- Get a transparent image running the following code in

curl -H 'x-api-key: abc123def456' -f https://sdk.photoroom.com/v1/segment -F 'image_file=@/absolute/path/to/image.jpg' -o /absolute/path/to/result.png

or visit the Playground to experiment with the arguments

Support and Help

Slack Community Support

Ask our engineers in our community forum about how to use the PhotoRoom API

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Support for billing and payment issues

Contact us at api-help@photoroom.com to get help on billing or payments.

Note: we currently don't provide technical support for implementing the API over email. Join our Slack community to get tips and direct help from our best engineers