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Download the PhotoRoom template (Windows Photoshop® file) to help you prepare your photos for submission. 58 KB [click here to download]
Share your photos with the world just for fun, or else take this opportunity to get
free exposure to your online portfolio. To
submit a photo, please read carefully and
follow the directions below and then click
the “Submit Photos” link.
Please send up to eight images as JPG files. Images must be 72 dpi, 300 pixels wide by 150 pixels tall. If you would like to advertise your name or website, type the text in the font ‘Arial,’ in white, grey or black type (point size 11), in
the lower-left corner of the image. The subject of your email must read: “PhotoRoom Gadget Submission” and the body must state simply: “I hereby declare ownership of the attached image and authorize MBMA, Inc. (dba PhotoRoom) to publish the attached image without
remuneration. I release PhotoRoom from all
legal claims.” ...If these directions are followed exactly, and your photo does not contain offensive content, you should see your photo added to the gadget in 1-2 weeks. Due to the amount of emails we receive, we cannot reply to
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Order PhotoRoom personalized coffee to promote your professional or amateur photography, or just to use as gifts for a creative way to share your photos with friends and family. Simply send us your photo(s) to be printed and we’ll send you gourmet 100% Arabica coffee bagged in attractive 2 ounce colored foil bags (the ideal size for gifts and handouts), and labeled with the text and artwork of your choice. Price: $195 for 50 bags.
Coffee supplied by CoffeeRoom. Pure Kona coffee is
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